歡迎使用PFP性格分析問卷調查,請輸入你所收到的個人密碼(PFP Password),若密碼為有效密碼,瀏覽器便會自動轉至Geier Learning System的Online Assessment網頁,而你的Password亦會自動轉換為該網頁的Instrument ID,當你按 Continue 時PFP性格評估便會正式開始。
Thanks for using Personality Factor Profile (PFP), please enter the PFP password that you have received. If your password is valid, your browser will automatically direct you to Geier Learning System's Online Assessment webpage, and your password will be automatically converted to the required instrumnet ID. The PFP test will start when you click the "continue" button.

Your PFP Assessment can be submitted ONLY ONCE, password will become invalid after submission, please reserve enough time to answer.

其他注意事項 Notes:

  1. 整份問卷共48題,一般可於一小時內完成。
    The PFP assessment consists of 48 questions, it can normally be completed in about an hour.
  2. 按此閱讀中文問卷指引按此下載中文指引,以便明白問卷要求。
    iIf you need Chinese instructions, please click the following link:Read Chinese Instructions or Download Chinese Instructions
  3. 仔細閱讀填寫問卷指引。
    Please read the PFP instructions thoroughly.
  4. 填寫問卷必須在連線(Online)情況下進行,請選用電腦及寬頻連線,因個人密碼只可使用一次,如中途斷線,又未能再次進入的話,密碼可能作廢,而須另外繳費再取新密碼。
    The entire PFP assessment should be answered online non-interruptively, please use computer and broadband connection if possible. The PFP Instrument ID can be used only once. If the internet connection is disconnected during the test, the instrument ID may be deemed invalid, and you may have to pay for a new PFP ID.
  5. 填畢問卷後,可等候回覆及提取報告。
    After completion of the PFP assessment, please wait for the PFP report to be sent to you.

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