This is an on-line instrument with the purpose of assessing your behaviour (Disc) and personality type (Myers Briggs Personality Indicator) either in a coaching role or in a pastoral role. 


For that purpose, I am including the following information to give you some help.


1.       With this note, you have received a “PFP Password” (e.g. H22HKG39XE8D5XA78RQY), which will expire in 1 year.  This is the “key” that you will need to access the personality instrument on the PFP LOGIN PAGE.

2.       Go to the following web address: and read the instructions and input the password. It will automatically direct you to the Geier Institute’s web site

3.       You will noticed at Geier site that the “Instrument I.D.” has already been filled according to your “PFP Password. Please do not make any modification. Click the “Continue” button to continue.

4.       Do the assessment.  Put in the required codes accordingly.  Please ignore the “Baseline I.D.” Follow all the instructions closely and carefully.  Please type in all the personal information as requested.

5.       The assessment consists of two parts and each part has 24 groups of phrases and each group has 4 phrases. 

6.       In Part A, you are asked to “check” one phrase in each group that is MOST descriptive of your general behaviour (最能夠描繪出你一般的行為表現).

7.       And in Part B, you are asked to “check” one phrase in each group that is the LEAST descriptive of HOW YOU FEEL (最不能夠表達你內心的感受).

8.       You may use the following hint-sheet (in Chinese) to assist you in answering the questions.  You will see the Chinese version of all the phrases.  However, since the meaning of some of these terms may be a bit unclear, the official Chinese definitions of these terms have also been included for you so that you might understand the phrases or words as they meant to be.

9.       When you do the assessment, please don’t think too long.  Respond NATURALLY!  Since you will not be asked to share your personal result with others, feel safe!  The final report will remain confidential.

10.    Please note that once you have submitted your work at the end of the assessment session, there is NO return.


I hope you would have an enjoyable experience with this assessment.  If you have any questions, please contact me via email at:  Thanks.


You will receive a comprehensive report from me in about one week. 


Peace be with you,



David Chiu

Executive Director of OnTrack Ministry

President of OnTrack Ministry

Part 1: MOST 最能夠描繪出你平時的行為表現 (most descriptive of your general behaviour.)

            詞句 Phrase                                         定義 Definition


1.         Willing to share  願意分享 =                     不自私地施與

Easy to be with平易近人 =                      友善和親切

Desire to win渴望勝利 =                          希望在賽事中取勝

Laugh easily笑口常開 =                          展現愉快的表情


2.         Open to ideas

虛心、願接受別人意見 =             尊重別人的信念

Do favors for others 樂意幫助他人 =        服事別人, 使別人夢想得實現

Strong willed 意志力強 =                                     顯出決心, 永不言敗

Happy and carefree

快樂和無憂無慮 =                                   滿懷好意; 為人帶來歡樂


3.         Do what other asks

履行別人的要求  =                                  包容, 能滿足他人意願

Go for what I want

向自己的目標前進 =                                充滿動力; 實踐者, 勤奮者

Smile; get my way 笑容可掬 =                 可愛的性情及容易相處

Remain true to others

對別人信守真誠  =                                  顯出忠誠, 信實


4.         Well-liked得人喜歡  =                              被眾人欣賞及採納

Self-controlled自律 =                               能控制情緒, 含蓄

Cooperative, pleasant 合作, 友善 =           樂意助人, 開朗

Can’t sit still 不能坐定 =                          不能放鬆自己, 不斷求變


5.         Hard to please很難被取悅  =                    對人及事物存批判的態度

Like to outdo others喜歡駕馭別人 =        力求勝出

Follow the rules服從規則 =                     照規則辦事、遵從指示

Jovial, joking快樂, 常說笑 =                    開心, 笑容滿面


6.         Take a risk有冒險精神  =                          夠勇敢、肯冒險

Tactful with others

在人際關係上處理謹慎 =                         有禮貌, 敏感於別人的需要

Graceful, poised 優雅 =                            穩重, 舉止爾雅

Satisfied with things 滿足於現狀 =           滿足於事情的進展


7.         Show excitement會表現興奮 =                會表達熱烈的情緒

Correct, exacting正確, 嚴謹 =                  願意去矯正錯誤

Even-tempered 情緒穩定 =                       平靜, 讓事情順利地發展

Take charge 樂於領導 =                           願意給與命令和指導


8.         Aggressive好勇鬥狠  =                             存敵意, 好爭吵, 盛氣凌人

Life of the party 宴會的人生 =                 開心, 喜樂; 幫助人去享受

Expect trouble 有警覺性 =                       警戒性、防範未然

Easily influenced易受影響 =                    接納別人意見

9.         Praised by others受人稱譽  =                    得到別人良好的評價

Ready to help 隨時準備幫忙 =                 有用的, 支持別人, 給與幫助

Courageous in spirit 勇者不懼 =               伸張正義

Yield to authority 順服權威 =                  服從命令


10.      Often impatient缺乏忍耐 =                      無耐性, 要有立即行動

Get along with others平易近人=                          親切, 友善,和藹

Desire to please渴望取悅於人=                樂於服務別人

High spirited興致勃勃 =                          讓情感得宣洩, 自由快樂


11.      Enjoy people contacts

喜歡與人接觸      =                                  尋找機會與人交談

Go-getter 能幹而進取 =                           不斷向前; 主動; 進取

Soft-hearted心腸軟 =                               樂善好施; 富憐憫

Appreciate beauty 有欣賞力 =                  有品味、鑑賞力和辨識力


12.      Take things in stride處事從容 =               不挑剔, 脾氣穩定

Fun loving 愛玩樂 =                                尋找快樂經驗; 感性的

Argue a lot 常爭論 =                                不同意別人的意見

Use diplomacy 運用交際手腕 =                對別人意見持開放態度; 有禮


13.      Fast paced 步履急速 =                              採取迅速行動得以前進

Do the unexpected 作意料不到的事 =      不計劃, 即興, 不作事前排練 

Peace-loving 愛好和平 =                          不喜歡衝突, 爭執

Trusting of others 信任別人 =                  相信別人所說的


14.      Polite and courteous謙恭有禮 =               溫文有禮, 大方得體

Start new ventures 愛創新冒險 =             喜歡開展新事業/冒險

Upbeat about things樂觀 =                      對將來抱熱誠樂觀態度

Thoughtful of others為他人設想 =           樂意助人, 對別人顯出關懷


15.      Gentle, understanding

溫文爾雅, 善解人意 =                             柔和,關注別人的感受

Quiet and modest 柔和謙遜 =                   不爭取以達他人之先

Sell an idea「推銷」意念 =                      有說服力地改變別人的思想

Inventing new ideas創作新意念 =            發明新的理念


16.      Fond of talking喜歡說話 =                       善交際; 愛發言

Put up with things包容性強 =                 接納事實, 逃避爭論

Adhere to custom 嚴守慣例 =                  遵從常規

Make quick decisions快速下決定 =          行動快速, 絕不猶疑


17.       Hesitate to act 行動猶疑  =                      行動決策緩慢

Driven to succeed努力爭取成功 =            下決心去證明自己的能力

Casual and pleasant 隨和、悅人=             輕鬆自如,情緒不易被人挑動

Influence others具影響力   =                   容易遊說別人



18.       Exciting, stimulating 興奮, 刺激 =           散發熱忱給別人

Refuse to quit 絕不放棄 =                                    肯定自我, 專注目標

Curious好奇心 =                                     常有疑問, 渴求得到解答

Attentive to others 留心別人 =                 細心, 滿足他人的需要


19.      Meet people easily 容易與人結識 =           喜歡與人在一起

Do things on my own

處事不靠人助 =                                       依自己的判斷行事

Soft-spoken 談吐溫文 =                           說話氣定神閒

Slow to anger不輕易發怒 =                     不容易受刺激動怒


20.       Well-disciplined自律性強  =                    遵守諾言

Expressive, outgoing

表達力強, 外向 =                                     與人分享感受, 愛與朋友一起

Charitable, giving 好施捨 =                      慷慨, 樂於施與

Serious and firm 認真和堅定 =                 說話認真, 堅定不移


21.      Quiet and shy , 害羞 =                       不易與陌生人談話, 有所保留

Take the initiative主動 =                         藉個人努力, 讓事情不斷向前

Get others to join in 讓別人參與 =           影響別人, 用權力去說服人

Give in/ avoid trouble

屈服/ 避免麻煩 =                                     降服於別人的意願


22.      Say what is pleasing

說討人喜歡的話  =                                  用適合的字詞去影響他人

Hold back words 說話有所保留 =             不盡吐心中言

Rehearse what I say

排練將要說的話 =                                   表達意見前先有計劃

Say what I think 直言無隱 =                    不把事情埋於心底, 坦白直接


23.       Warm and affectionate 溫暖和柔情 =       仁慈, 慈善, 好心腸

Avoid the extremes 避免極端 =                不要走向任何一個極端

Open, approachable 開放, 態度可親 =       鼓勵別人來交換意見

Seek excitement尋找刺激 =                     渴望刺激


24.      Get my own way我行我素 =                    渴望自作決定


憐憫/ 好幫助人  =                                    對人慷慨, 樂於助人

Accepting of others 接納別人 =                合作, 容易與人相處

Sure of self 自我肯定 =                            自信




            第二部份: LEAST 最不能夠表達你內心的感受 (least descriptive of HOW YOU FEEL)

詞句 Words                             定義 Definitions


1.         Fussy過分注意細節 =                         很難被取悅

            Obedient 服從 =                                   信實, 樂於服從指示

            Demanding 苛求 =                               堅持,要求高

            Playful 愛打趣 =                                  活潑, 幽默, 愛說笑


2.         Sociable善交際 =                                 喜愛與人相交

            Self-reliant自力更生 =             倚賴自己, 用自己的判斷力

            Patient 忍耐 =                                      有耐性

            Quiet-mannered 態度安靜 =                 平安, 溫和, 寧靜


3.         Attractive 具吸引力 =                           得人喜悅, 吸引

            High-principled 講求原則 =                  實踐個人信念, 公平

            Stubborn頑固 =                                   拒絕屈服, 順從或同意

            Sweet 甜蜜可愛 =                                 隨和友善


4.         Diplomatic待人有道, 有外交手腕 =     有禮, 得體, 謹慎

            Satisfied滿意 =                                    有滿足感, 對自己滿意

            Daring 果敢 =                                      願意冒險犯難

            Polished 精練的 =                                 大方得體, 有成就的


5.         Restless 坐立不安 =                              不自然, 不能夠休息或鬆弛

            Devout             虔誠 =                                     認真, 委身一個信念

            Popular受歡迎 =                                  眾所喜悅和認同

            Neighborly睦鄰 =                                 友善, 容易與人交往


6.         Brave   勇敢 =                                      展示勇氣, 大膽, 不害怕

            Inspiring 鼓舞人心 =                            挑動他人情緒, 引發共鳴

            Submissive順服 =                                順從他人意願

            Timid 膽怯 =                                        害羞, 猶疑, 缺乏自信


7.         Gentle 柔和 =                                      仁慈, 溫柔, 為他人著想, 不嚴厲

            Persuasive有說服力 =                          令人有所行動, 具說服力

            Humble謙遜 =                                                 知道自己的限制, 不驕傲

            Original原創 =                                     有創意, 常有新理念產生


8.         Arrogant自大 =                                    自負, 驕傲

            Soft-touch 心軟 =                                 易於被說服

            Captivating 強烈感染力 =                     吸引別人注意, 使人無法抗拒

            Fearful 害怕 =                                      恐懼, 害怕, 憂慮


9.         Companionable良伴 =                          友善, 包容性強, 好的友伴

            Accurate 準確 =                                   正確, 處事嚴謹

            Outspoken坦率直言 =                         直接, 坦率, 率直

            Restrained 有自制能力 =                      壓抑感覺


10.       Respectful 謙恭有禮 =                         有禮, 有文化, 顧及別人

            Take a chance 有冒險精神 =                 願意冒險

            Optimistic樂觀 =                                 有信心會成功, 向前看

            Accommodating通融 =                        樂意助人, 不自私, 顧及他人


11.       Bold 有膽色 =                                      願意嘗試新事物,果敢

Easily led = 容易被領導                        容易受影響, 受教及受控制

            Loyal忠誠 =                                         可靠, 對人忠誠、委身

            Charming 有魅力 =                              極具吸引力


12.       Considerate 顧及他人 =                        仁慈, 敏銳, 注意到別人的需要

            Competitive競爭 =                               總要超越別人

            Joyful喜樂 =                                        帶出歡樂, 充滿愉快

            Harmonious和諧 =                               能協調興趣和感覺


13.       Nervy 有膽量 =                                    咄咄逼人

            Calm 平靜 =                                         頭腦冷靜, 不動搖, 鬆弛

            Precise精密 =                                       準確, 精確

            Happy 快樂 =                                       能感到快樂和好感受


14.       Argumentative 爭論 =                          好爭吵, 好爭鬥

            Adaptable適應力強 =                           願意妥協, 適應調校

            Full of fun滿有樂趣 =                         幽默, 快樂, 好玩

            Casual不拘謹 =                                    隨便, 隨遇而安


15.       Willing願意 =                                      隨時準備採取行動

            Eager 熱心的, 渴望的 =                        熱心的、沒有耐性、要有行動

            Agreeable認同 =                                  贊同別人

            Light-hearted 輕鬆愉快 =                     朝氣勃勃, 無拘無束, 自由自在


16.       Forceful 有動力 =                                 強而有力, 充滿活力

            Admirable可欽佩的 =                          值得稱讚, 高質素的

            Kind 仁慈 =                                         樂於助人, 細心善意

            Doubtful 有疑問 =                                不肯定, 對事情存不確定的態度


17.       Talkative健談 =                                   喜歡說話, 表達自我

            Reserved 含蓄 =                                   隱藏感受和思想, 迴避

            Traditional傳統 =                                 採用傳統思想和信念

            Decisive 果斷 =                                    肯定, 絕對, 當機立斷


18.       Confident 有自信心 =                           確信, 肯定自我

            Sympathetic富同情心 =                       明白別人感受, 悲天憫人

            Tolerant 包容 =                                    接納別人的信條及行為

            Assertive確言 =                                   大膽, 積極, 決斷





19.       Generous慷慨 =                                   不自私, 樂施與

            Lively 朝氣蓬勃 =                                主動, 精力充沛

            Orderly 有條理 =                                  整齊, 恰當、井井有條

            Persistent 百折不撓 =                                       不會屈服, 繼續嘗試


20.       Trusting 信任別人 =                              相信別人所說的

            Contented 滿足 =                                 快樂, 滿足, 歡愉, 舒適

            Positive積極 =                                     對前景樂觀,  正面

            Peaceful溫和 =                                     不好爭辯, 不喜衝突


21.       Cautious小心 =                                    高度戒備, 謹慎, 防範

            Determined堅決 =                                肯定, 不放棄

            Convincing 說服力強 =                        用強大的感染力去影響別人

            Good-natured 性善 =                            仁慈, 易相處、不與人爭拗


22.       Spontaneous即興 =                              沒有計劃, 隨興之所致而行

            Obliging 熱心助人 =                             善意待人, 協商, 合作

            Will-power 意志力 =                             掌握局勢, 堅定有力

            Cheerful 歡樂 =                                    開心、心境愉快開朗


23.       Adventurous 冒險 =                             喜歡冒險, 探求未知之物

            Open-minded 開明 =                            對意見採開放態度, 不存偏見

            Friendly友善 =                                     和藹可親

            Moderate 溫和節制 =                            不偏不倚, 合理


24.       Good mixer交際家 =                            主動與人交談、聆聽別人

            Cultured 有文化 =                                開化,欣賞歷史和習俗

            Vigorous 精力充沛 =                            強壯, 有力, 健壯的

            Lenient 寬容 =                                                 不記仇

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